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Japanese Cuisine

D'Maris brings you the quintessence of Japanese cuisine via the country's traditional dishes. Moreover, under the direct processing of chefs at the counter, you can taste Japanese dishes as an Omakase experience.



IMG_6143.CR3 (merged).png

Squid sushi

IMG_6167.CR3 (merged).png

Raw shrimp sushi

IMG_6137.CR3 (merged).png

Squid sushi

IMG_6148.CR3 (merged).png

Smoked duck sushi

IMG_6130.CR3 (merged).png

Roasted pork buns

Sushi-Sashimi copy.jpg
IMG_6123.CR3 (merged).png

Name of dish

IMG_6096.CR3 (merged).png

Name of dish

IMG_6116.CR3 (merged).png

Name of dish

IMG_6103.CR3 (merged).png

Name of dish

IMG_6089.CR3 (merged).png

Name of dish

IMG_6109.CR3 (merged).png

Name of dish

D_maris Cantavil 10 copy.jpg
IMG_6173.CR3 (merged).png

Sushi cá hồi

IMG_5984.CR3 (merged) copy.png

Cuộn bacon

IMG_6081.CR3 (merged).png

Kimbab nhỏ

IMG_5969.CR3 (merged) copy.png

Cuộn Lion King 

IMG_6025.CR3 (merged) copy.png

Maki nhỏ

IMG_5953.CR3 (merged).png

Cuộn bơ

D_maris Cộng Hòa 27 copy.jpg
IMG_6001.CR3 (merged) copy.png

Cuộn tôm

IMG_5941.CR3 (merged) copy.png

Cuộn mè đen

IMG_5920.CR3 (merged).png

Cuộn phô mai

IMG_6013.CR3 (merged).png

Cuộn cá hồi cay

IMG_5932.CR3 (merged) copy.png

Cuộn California

IMG_6074.CR3 (merged) copy.png


D'maris Hà Nội Không Gian 46 copy.jpg
IMG_6067.CR3 (merged) copy.png

Cuộn dưa leo

IMG_6038.CR3 (merged) copy.png

Mỳ udon

IMG_6052.CR3 (merged) copy.png

Trứng hấp, cà chua mơ

IMG_6013.CR3 (merged).png

Cuộn cá hồi cay

IMG_6180.CR3 (merged).jpg

Cá ngừ áp chảo

IMG_6074.CR3 (merged) copy.png


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